CEO Message

We aim to be Google for offline

We will create a new world
that was previously unavailable in offline advertising
by leveraging differentiated reader AI technology.

KAIST We formed a startup team with senior, junior, and peer colleagues whom we had been close with since our days in the KAIST laboratory, united by a shared determination. We aimed to bring innovation to the outdoor advertising market.

Based on the advanced foundational AI technology we have researched, we have established a business that measures the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. We are dedicated to taking on infinite challenges, extending beyond the domestic market to international markets, together with all of our employees.

We will strive to demonstrate the progress and growth of “addd” while maintaining unwavering passion and dedication day and night.
Thank you for your support.

Bachelor's and Master's degree of Department of Physics at KAIST
Master's degree in Management Engineering, College of Business at KAIST
Doctor of Physics at KAIST (Major in Machine learning, Many SCI papers).
CEO/founder of ASHK Co., Ltd. (Platform service, App development, etc.).
CEO/Founder of ADDD Co., Ltd.