If you could visually witness the effects of outdoor advertising,
How would it be?

With ‘addd-i’, our solution at “addd”, you would be able to measure the effectiveness of advertising,
from static outdoor advertisements to moving mobility media.
By incorporating the small yet powerful "addd-i" solution into outdoor advertising, the value of outdoor advertisements will be enhanced.


With a simple installation, our solution allows for measuring the effectiveness of traditional offline advertising.


Data can be easily monitored and analyzed through a dashboard interface.


Strategic advertising execution based on the measurement of advertising effectiveness.


Analyzing the effectiveness of each advertisement through precise data collection.


Special exemption for empirical validation of AI-based digital signage effectiveness measurement.

- Empirical validation exemption approved (April 28, 2022)
- Business commencement completed.

Product Profile Inquiry

Dalgo T

"addd" creates new experiences through advertisers using mobility.

Exception for demonstration of digital advertisement using mobility

Ministry of Public Administration and Security and Personal Information Protection Committee (conditional) approval

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport details coordinated

Dalgo D

Hospitals, beauty salons, dermatology clinics, gyms, etc. with high advertising rate and viewing time Advertising service that utilizes the waiting time of customers with specific purchasing power

Can be combined with existing TV and digital signage,
You can provide media such as your own displays and kiosks.

Dalgo app

Reward-based mobility advertising platform

By attaching advertising stickers to self-owned cars
Advertisers can run advertisements on general vehicles without objection
Drivers can generate revenue with rewards according to their driving patterns.

"addd" has been approved for the regulatory sandbox demonstration exception for its business.

Next Service

"addd" is actively moving to create a new integrated advertising platform experience by putting all offline ads online.


Now, through "addd",
it is possible to measure the effectiveness of offline advertising as well.

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