AI technology provided by "addd"

Real-time measurement of pedestrians (objects)
through advertising media.


addd's talented developers build their own hardware and software


addd has developed its own advanced dataset and trained it to achieve higher accuracy compared to existing solutions.

Deregulation through the approval of the "AI-based digital signage effectiveness measurement empirical validation exemption" in 2022.

Analysis and targeting of pedestrian (object) behaviors.


Based on advanced location tracking technology, it is possible to analyze high-accurate data on objects such as age & gender advertising interest


Through our in-house AI engine, we can perform various big data analysis and deliver appropriate advertisements.

The results of the effectiveness analysis


By quantifying the effectiveness data, we can achieve effective advertising curation and efficient execution through planning.


Through continuous AI technology advancement, we provide high-quality effectiveness analysis results.



Personal data exposure is prevented through the use of pedestrian (object) de-identification processing techniques.


Real-time analysis and processing without recording/save, and data can be stably protected, managed/delivered by using a proxy server and IP designation

addd's AI technology

Pose Estimation

Advertising concentration estimation technology of anonymous objects / gender, age, recognition rate, attention rate, viewing time, etc.

Object Detection

Fire detection / In-house dataset construction / Advanced Pose Tracking

Additional Sensors analysis

Can collect wind volume, humidity, climate, and environmental data

User behavior data being collected by addd

Approximately 400 million

GPS-based data

Approximately 300 million

Mobility driving pattern data

Approximately 200 million

Floating population recognition data

Approximately 100 million

Environmental data

Approximately 5,000

GPS-based surrounding context data

3 months

Video data (mobility, pedestrian)

Technology verification activities


Introduction of addd-i, a solution for measuring the effectiveness of addd, to media owned by LG Electronics


Introduction of addd-i, a Seoul subway effect measurement solution

- Introduced in 16 stations including Nambu Terminal, Gyodae, Itaewon, City Hall, etc.


Introduced Dalgo D as a partner media company for Samseong Station City Airport Center

- Participating advertisers: 10 companies including Bobby Talk, Line Games, Share House Uju, and JoongAng Ilbo


2022 CES International Electronics Fair Selected as Notable Concept TOP

Recognized for its innovativeness as a notable concept at the CES International Electronics Show, the world's largest ICT convergence exhibition hosted by the American Consumer Technology Association


Collaboration with various media outlets

Building owners, hospitals, subways, beauty salons, gyms, etc.



Attracted total investment of 5.7 billion in Series A round based on technology verification

Attracting investment after conducting technology evaluation and verification from funds of Korean government agencies and Korean banks.

Other Possessed Skills

Image preprocessing Pre-processing technology for utilizing large-capacity images taken with a camera as learning/evaluation data
Sensor-based environmental information collection technology Technology that directly senses and collects real-time status information of the surrounding environment using IoT sensors
Edge device computing technology Development of lightweight calculation module for ultra-small/high-performance edge device capable of real-time AI analysis
Object detection technology Technology for detecting target objects such as people and vehicles
Object tracking technology Technology for determining and tracking whether objects detected in consecutive images in a video for a moving object are the same object
Posture estimation technology Technology that estimates the posture by skeletalizing the main points of the human body
Object de-identification technology Technology to de-identify an object so that it cannot be identified for personal information protection - Technology to estimate posture, gender, and age only by learning the skeleton and main points
GPS-based Map Technology that receives GPS signals, converts the longitude/latitude coordinates of the current location, and displays them on the map in real time
Object 2D/3D movement path analysis and localization technology Technology to track and localize the movement path of objects in the video
Image matching/combining technology Technology that matches and combines images taken from different angles so that they are naturally connected like a panoramic video
Ad recommendation/matching technology based on similarity Technology that matches and recommends the most suitable advertisement by calculating the similarity between pedestrian/media/region/environmental characteristics and advertisement characteristics
Effect measurement model lightweight/optimization technology Perform effect measurement of up to 10 images per second on ultra-small edge devices through model weight reduction/optimization
Vision-based advertising effect measurement service By analyzing the floating population, posture, and characteristics of pedestrians through camera-photographed images, the effect of who paid attention to the advertisement is measured, and statistics are visualized and provided in real time
Advertising Effect Visualization Dashboard Building a visualization web dashboard to check advertising effectiveness in real time