About addd

Through AI technology, the company will create an era where outdoor advertising effects measurement and targeting are possible
transforming all offline ads into online and reversing the paradigm of the advertising industry.

The first domestic data value evaluation company! Based on advanced AI technology, the company precisely measures the advertising effects caused by offline advertising media, providing solutions and platforms that allow advertisers and media to coexist and circulate.

The 5th industrial revolution, the era of data. Various industries are growing rapidly through convergence, and the advertising market is no exception. Ad is attempting to integrate artificial intelligence technology with outdoor advertising and is leading the way in creating new business ideas based on the technology of 'outdoor advertising effect measurement solution'.



JUN. Series A Total 57B KRW (4.3M USD)
MAY. Attracted investment from Credit Guarantee Fund + Shinhan Asset Management
APR. Excellent technology evaluation from the Credit Guarantee Fund


JUL. Applied for 2 patents in Indonesia / Applied for 2 patents in Vietnam
MAY. Selected for DATA-Stars
APR. Selected as Hyundai Motors, ZER01NE
MAR. Selected as Shinhan Incubation 8th
JAN. Selected as a notable concept at CES2022 TOP


NOV. Runner-up (2nd place) in the AI Grand Star Championship
SEP. Selected for the Trade Center Testbed Demonstration Project
AUG. Encouragement award at the Southeast Mega City Startup Idea Competition
AUG. Excellent award in the Location Information Excellent Business Model Discovery Project
JUL. Completed registration as a member company of the InnoBiz Association
JUL. Applied for 3 domestic patents
JUL. Selected for the Smart Service ICT Solution Support Project, total funding of 500M KRW (0.38M USD)
FEB. Selected as the Credit Information Fund First Penguin
JAN. Futureplay Investment/Seed 300M KRW (0.23M USD)
JAN. Applied for 2 PCT international patents
JAN. Selected as SK True Innovation Young


NOV. Selected/Evaluated as the Best in K-STARTUP Early Stage
SEP. Registered 2 Domestic Patents
AUG. Signed MOU Agreements with 4 Advertisers
JUL. Selected for Studio Black Open Innovation
MAR. Dalgo App Beta Test


APR. addd Incorporation Established


Using distinctive proprietary AI technology, in offline advertising

Since the KAIST research lab days, with senior, junior, and peer colleagues we have been close, we gathered to form a startup team, wanting to bring innovation to the outdoor advertising market.

Based on the advanced foundational AI technology we have researched so far, we have built a business to measure the 'effectiveness of outdoor advertising,' and are running together with all employees for infinite challenges beyond the domestic market to the global market.

Please watch over our development and growth, and we will show the appearance of addd, working with passion day and night.


We aim to be Google for offline