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Value-Up for Ordinary Spaces, Locations, and Media


AI-based advertising marketing solution

It becomes possible to analyze and report on pedestrian traffic, which was difficult to confirm in offline environments, with high reliability using data.

Measurement Data

Exposed/Watching/Attention population, Gender, Age, Vehicle-specific traffic data

※ Implemented in three quartiles for cars, bus or van, truck


Analytics Dashboard

The web dashboard allows the confirmation of effectiveness measurement data for indoor and outdoor advertising.
Enables strategic advertising marketing through data.

Easy Adoption

Optimal model sets (cameras, processing units) are installed based on environmental/space ranges.

National Certification

We received regulatory sandbox approval for analyzing non-stored, non-identifiable data.

*April 2022, digital signage using AI technology

Unclear advertising for unspecified targets, a simple rotation-style conventional outdoor advertising!

Change is possible through 'addd-i'

The transformation into smart media is innovative, elevating its value as a differentiated medium.


Digital advertising platform

Advertise offline like online!
Korea’s first offline advertising performance measurement
digital advertising platform


We employ AI for targeted and optimized ads in high-traffic areas like supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitals, restaurants, offices, and cinemas and so on.


service_checkicon Generate new revenue targeting in-store visitors.

service_checkicon Provide features and data helpful for marketing and operations.

service_checkicon Convenience without installation/operational costs.

Advertiser Benefits

service_checkicon Targeted ad execution is possible.

service_checkicon Quantitative metrics for ad effectiveness can be checked through the dashboard.

service_checkicon Transparent and reasonable costs, allowing execution for the desired duration.

All-in-One DalgoD Platform

Advertisers, media owners, agencies, and more can utilize EMS for ad creation, media registration, ad management, analysis, and more.



Smart Advertising Mobility

Strategically broadcast ads in densely populated areas.
Korea’s first AI mobility advertising medium



service_checkicon AB testing of advertisements is possible.

service_checkicon Analysis of attention differences in video segments.

service_checkicon Control of media (vehicle) movement status.

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Dalgo T is a new and differentiated smart mobility advertising medium
with high focus on large screens.

Dalgo T Mobility

Measurement Equipped with addd-i Effect Measurement Solution

Ad location Advertisers can set the desired area

Ad visibility Pedestrian eye level

Format Both video and poster options available

Fixed / Mobile Movement (Fixed effect when stopped)


Measurement Estimation of effects based on residential population

Ad location Fixed

Ad visibility High eye level

Format Both video and poster options available

Fixed / Mobile Fixed

Bus stop

Measurement Estimation of effects based on residential population

Ad location Fixed

Ad visibility Pedestrian eye level

Format Only poster advertisements possible

Fixed / Mobile Fixed


Reward-Based Mobility Ads Platform

By attaching ad stickers to their own vehicles, advertisers can execute ads without burden through rewards for a wide range, and drivers can receive rewards based on driving patterns through collaborative platform app service.

*Approved for regulatory sandbox demonstration exception.